R U Ready?

Are you ready?

“For what?” you ask.

Well, anything.

Be Prepared was the motto of the Boy Scouts (RIP) back when we actually taught young men values like honor, courage and being kind. It meant being ready for anything you could think of and even some things you may not.

For instance, forecast for a weekend campout says dry and seasonable. Do you pack 2 extra pairs of socks and a poncho? Yes or no?

I used to tell the boys, you’ll only forget to pack extra socks once, after you spend a weekend in wet ones. (No, I wouldn’t allow Mommy or Daddy to run Junior some dry socks up mid-weekend)

This past week has seen another natural disaster in the form of hurricanes and fires. Are you ready? Are you prepared? Tons of information out there on being ready for natural disasters.

But what about all the other things, day to day? Do you know if your spare tire has enough air pressure in it? Do you even know where the spare is in your car? Please tell me you know how to change a tire.

Point is, while it may be impossible to think and prepare for every single little thing, it doesn’t hurt to try, worse case, you’ll become really good at be ready.

Be Prepared.