Got to see an actual, physical milestone in Norway a few years ago. It was along an old and ancient ‘road’ that had led from the center of the village out on the most popular trail, really, but we’ll call it a road.

A pointy shaped rock stood along the side of the road at about 5200 feet from the church in the middle of the village. A mile based on the ‘mille passus’ of Roman times, or about 1000 paces.

The point is, there that rock stood, a true milestone. So what? The road kept going. Both forward and back the way I had come. It was just a marker to let me know where I was on the path.

Accomplishments are not the same as achievements. We achieve a goal. We achieve ‘success’ (whatever that means). But it’s not the same as an accomplishment.

Accomplishments are like the milestones along our paths to success. We use them to mark our way, acknowledge where we’ve come from and where we have yet still to go. They work as a positive and sometimes not so positive indicator, too. We sometimes have to reach an accomplishment, realize we’re not ready for the continued path and have to turn around and navigate our way back to the beginning.

Remember that milestones, or achievements, are only a part of the overall journey.

Safe travels.