I didn't forget you

Hang in there

First, welcome to those that are new subscribers. It says a lot that you’d risk another email in your already full inboxes, especially when the author is on a holiday break.

So thank you. And to all my long time readers, thanks for sticking this out. Big content coming soon.

Recovering from knee surgery and it’s going well. Almost back to 100%, but it’s hard to be patient.

I’m going to launch the ‘Premium’ side of this house after 1 January. Yep, that means paid. It will be reasonable, and it will be worth it.

There will always be this email list, which will always be free of charge.

But those that want to accelerate their leadership learning, and get the full stories and entertainment that is Chief Chuck, well, you’ll be able to get it soon.

So hang in there and stay patient!

And have a great holiday season!

Semper Fortis

Chief Chuck

P.S. Want to get the details of the paid plan and maybe…just maybe..get a scoop on a deal for early birds? Then subscribe if you aren’t already and reply to this email and just ask me.

That simple.