Bow to the Gods

A Thread

Here’s a Twitter thread I put out yesterday. I know a lot of you didn’t see it, because of my recent Twitter change, but I wanted to share it with you anyway.

Here it is:

A Thread I always wonder what the disciples in the Bible real names were. No way anyone in the Middle East 2000 years ago is named Paul, Peter, John, Luke or Bubba. I understand the Bible was anglicized to make it understandable, but why now? Aren't we smarter? -more-

We're not the ignorant, unreading masses of the middle ages, why not share more of this? And how would we view the disciples of the Bible today? How would we know? Who's to say there aren't disciples out there now? But wait, we know there are. Ponder this... -more-

Are we not treating Bill Gates and others like him like modern day saviours? Fauci, is he not revered by a cult like following? "Mask, no mask, inside, not outside, 2 more weeks" "Yes, Master, please tell us more!" -more-

We've treated the Virus (god), the holy ones (Fauci and Gates), and their disciples (media/entertainment) as a new religion. It's a following, the mask is a crucifix, the vaccine a grail. Just as in the middle ages, religion (fear) is being used to control the masses.


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