Boot Camp

Not one, but two...

So I mentioned in a Tweet the other day that I went to two boot camps in the military. That’s true.

I first went to Army boot camp at Fort Jackson, SC. Any old (and I mean my old) Army vets that went to Ft. Jackson may recall Tank Hill. Those old WWII barracks. Man, those things were hot, noisy and hard to keep clean. And a ton of fun to low crawl under.

The second boot camp was of course, Navy boot camp in Orlando, FL. Why?

Well, because I had to take a split in continuous service to be able to go into the Navy from the Army, I had to go back to Navy boot.

No big deal, in fact, I’m glad I did.

You see, as soon as my Company Commanders at Navy boot found out I had been to Army boot, they knew they couldn’t play the ‘break me down mentally’ game. So, they wisely put me in charge as a the Recruit Chief Petty Officer ( a foretelling?) and turned me loose.

This gave me the opportunity to accelerate my leadership skills and get a jump on the path I was destined for.

In your life, what are those opportunities you can take to jump ahead, jump out and lead from the front?

Accelerate your leadership.

Semper Fortis.

Chief Chuck

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